Boudoir Photography: Behind the Scenes in Chicago’s Portrait Studio

Recently, you may have been inspired to take part in boudoir photography, so that you can have some sensual photos of yourself.

Whether you want to capture glamour photos or sexy portraits, and boudoir photography can do just that. You may already suspect that you will be making a glamorous debut in front of the camera, striking heart-racing poses, and working with me, Christina Wehbe, your personal photographer, and my wonderful team of professional stylists and makeup artists, to create magnificent photos.

boudoir photography

My goal is to showcase your beauty!

But, there is much more to my boudoir photoshoots than just capturing your sexy side. Your photoshoot, here at Christina Wehbe Studios, is a complete makeover experience. From the moment you walk through the door to your goodbye waves after your photoshoot, you will have the full, luxurious treatment within my studio.

boudoir photography

Everyone deserves stunning photos!

Here at Christina Wehbe Studios, as the owner of a boudoir photography studio in Chicago, I believe that a photoshoot is more than just taking the photos, but rather, the complete adventure and process that you will experience. That’s why I have put together a complete behind the scenes look of what you can expect within my boudoir studio. If you are interested in a wonderful boudoir photoshoot, and want to know more about what goes on backstage, be sure to continue reading to learn more:

boudoir photography

You will feel so welcome within my studio!

  • Feel welcome. As you ready yourself to walk into the studio, you may feel your nerves getting the best of you. However, there is no need to worry. I hope that you feel welcome and comfortable in my boudoir studio, and I will take steps to ensure that you do. You will be greeted with refreshments and snacks, as they will all be laid out for your convenience. You will then meet my entire all-female team who is ready to make you feel even more beautiful and confident, from my professional hair and makeup stylists, who are ready to showcase your beauty within your boudoir photoshoot.
boudoir photography

Prepare to be pampered!

  • Be prepared to be pampered. You will then begin getting ready for your boudoir photoshoot. I have some of the best hair and makeup professionals ready to take care of you. They will take you into their chairs and take the utmost care of you. From trendy hairstyles to eyes that pop, you will soon be ready to make your debut in front of the camera, as my team of professionals will have you styled in the most flattering and stunning way. We also offer a diverse wardrobe, as well as accessories and props, to help you create unique boudoir photographs that represent your personal style and interests.
boudoir photography

Your photoshoot is all about you!

  • The photoshoot. It’s time for your boudoir photoshoot, and whether you are nervous about standing in front of the camera, or you are a natural, I will be with you every step of the way. From your expressions to your body language, I will be there to help guide you through the entire photoshoot. Using the best, and latest photo equipment, I will work with you to achieve jaw dropping boudoir photos. Together, we can create truly exquisite images that you won’t be able to take your eyes off of.

It’s important to celebrate yourself, and a boudoir photography can help you do so. But, it’s not just about the end product, as it’s also about the adventure you had while creating such wonderful photos. Here at Christina Wehbe Studios, as a portrait and boudoir photographer in Chicago, my only goal is to create an unforgettable boudoir photography experience, from start to finish.