Bridal Beauty Trends to Inspire Your Chicago Wedding Look

You should feel confident and beautiful at your Chicago wedding!

Chicago wedding

Accentuate your beauty with fabulous trends!

It is very important to plan your wedding specifics, and your partner should be there to assist you in creating a personalized experience that complements your relationship. However, when it comes to your bridal image, it’s completely up to you. Your bridal beauty decisions, such as hair and makeup, should be powerful, to really wow your partner as he lays his eyes on you for the first time as a bride. This is your chance to allow yourself to be the bride you have always dreamed of.

To begin your bridal decisions, you may first want to know what styles are rocking the Chicago wedding world. Surely, there are plenty of beautiful bridal beauty styles out there, but the current trends will leave a lasting impression for your walk down the aisle.

Here at Christina Wehbe Studios, as a wedding photographer in Chicago, I believe that it’s vital for a bride to feel stunning on her wedding day. That’s why I have put together a few of the top bridal beauty trends to help inspire your own Chicago wedding look. You can make your way to the altar sporting the hottest bridal looks, if you continue reading and discover what they are:

Chicago wedding

Don’t forget about those brows!

  • Rock Those Defined Brows. Eyebrows are leaving their mark on the fashion world in so many ways. They have even become a necessity among many people’s daily makeup routines. Your bridal image can feature strong eyebrows that will allow your eyes to really pop. From the curvature to the color, there are many ways in which you can accentuate your face’s shape and tone with your eyebrows.
Chicago wedding

Let your locks flow free and beautifully!

  • Free Flowing Hair. Tight up-do’s and perfectly groomed side ponies are still beautiful, but this season, it’s all about letting your locks go with the flow. Letting your hair flow beautifully, or undone up-dos, are quite trendy right now. A little extra teasing and texture will help you accomplish this free-spirited look.
Chicago wedding

Braids will add some pizzazz to your style

  • Braids to Brag About. Believe it or not, braids are quite popular these days. And, better yet, there are so many different braid styles that you can use to create your completely unique bridal look. You can achieve many different styles with the simple use of a braid, such as a braided crown and long braids. From simple to intricate, your bridal hairstyle can incorporate braids that can certainly be bragged about!
Chicago wedding

You deserve to shimmer and shine on your big day!

  • Shimmer Like a Pearl. Do you want a gorgeous shimmer for your wedding day? You can rock a dewy look on your big day with a gorgeous highlight product. What bride wouldn’t want to make her entrance with a shimmering aura? Highlights among your skin are a great way to accentuate those big beautiful eyes and luscious lips, as it will allow the lovely colors to shine!
Chicago wedding

Your natural beauty is stunning!

  • Make A Statement with No Makeup. “No makeup” challenges have been making quite a buzz. They allow a person to feel completely confident in their own skin, to celebrate their beauty without the help of cosmetics. You can show complete and utter confidence on your wedding day by embracing the magic of no makeup. After all, your natural beauty is gorgeous! However, if you would still like a subtle look, you can choose to adorn yourself with neutral tones, as a way to highlight your features without going over the top.

The bridal vision that you create for your special day can be complete and unique with the help of these charming Chicago beauty trends. Here at Christina Wehbe Studios, as a Chicago wedding photographer, I believe that every bride should look absolutely magnificent on her big day, and these current trends can assist any bride to achieve their dream bridal beauty.