How to Capture Unique Chicago Portraits

You Chicago portraits deserve to be unique!

Chicago portraits

Chicago is filled with unique people who enjoy having portraits captured. If you were to gather everyone’s portraits and put them together, you would have a collection of beautiful and unique individuals. However, as you see these photos, it can be difficult to remember whose is whose, or even remember seeing them. With so many similarities, there may be very few portraits that stand out.

This does not have to discourage you. In fact, it should inspire you to be unique, and stand out from the crowd. Your portrait will likely be showcased within your home, your family’s home, and even posted on your favorite social media sites. Don’t you want to turn heads with a portrait that is one of a kind?

I believe that portraits are your opportunity to let your uniqueness shine. It’s an opportunity to showcase what makes you special, and what sets you apart from everyone else. That’s why, here at Christina Wehbe Studios, as a portrait photographer in Chicago, I have put together a few pointers to help you capture unique Chicago portraits. If you want to shine in an exclusive way, feel free to keep reading to discover how you can:

Chicago portraits

Be adventurous for creative photos!

  • You can venture outside your comfort zone. Sometimes, when you become comfortable, you fall into the same routine. Your comfort zone is a part of what makes up who you are. However, it isn’t what makes you rare. To showcase your one of a kind personality, who you are, it would pay to take a step outside your comfort zone. For creative photos, you can try jumping, or falling back on something soft, or anything that gets you moving and puts a smile on your face. Step outside of the box and you will be left with creative photos that will draws all eyes on you. And, you will show your adventurous side, a side that shows you are willing to go above and beyond.
Chicago portraits

Angles will add depth to your photos

  • Switch up your angles. Think back to the portraits mentioned above, from all the people in Chicago. Your first thought when visualizing these portraits, may be to imagine a variety of headshots, or casual smiling faces. Did you see most of these being captured of the face, as if you were standing in front of them? This angle is to be expected, within many photos. This is another great opportunity to capture something unique, and different, and you can do so just by switching up your angles. Near, far, high, low. wherever you wouldn’t first imagine the camera; you can use these positions to capture exclusive photos.
Chicago portraits

Use lighting to your advantage

  • Light is a wonderful tool. Lighting is key with any photo. After all, the light is what creates any image. We can use different forms of lighting to create unexpected photos. For example: Making use of the side-lighting and backlighting, can be used to create a visually stunning photo. Lighting can be your greatest friend and your most powerful tool for unique and stunning photos.

Every photo deserves to stand out from the rest! These are just a few ways for you to capture truly fabulous Chicago portraits. Here at Christina Wehbe Studios, as a Chicago portrait photographer, it is my goal to present you with a unique collection of photos that you can be proud of.