Chicago Father/Daughter Wedding Portraits Are Important

There are many family members that hold an important place within your life, and within your wedding portraits.

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Moments with your father should be cherished!

From your mother to your siblings, each person plays a key role in making your life incredible. Your father is certainly one of the most important people that bring light to your life. He certainly cares for you, and that has been shown throughout the years with every kiss on the forehead, every hug, and every cheer of support. These are moments that should be celebrated, especially on your wedding day!

With every fond memory you have with your father, know that there are many more that you have yet to even make, such as when he walks you down the aisle. Photography is a lovely way to honor your strong relationship with your father. You can honor every bonding moment you shared with your father and every amazing memory that has brought you closer together, especially on such a heartfelt day.

Here at Christina Wehbe Studios, as a Chicago wedding photographer, I believe that Chicago father/daughter wedding portraits are important. These important bonds should be honored. That’s why I have put together a few ways in which photography can help you honor your own bond with your father through father/daughter wedding portraits. If you want to highlight the great dynamic that you and your father share, on one of the most important days of your life, be sure to continue reading to discover how you can:

wedding portraits

Honoring your father is something to be proud of

  • It is so important to honor your father. Photography will allow you to showcase your appreciation for you father, not only for you, but for your future generations too. He has raised you, and watched you grow. Doing his best to guide you in the right directions in life and always being there for you through any ups and downs, you father will now be walking you down the aisle, giving his little girl away to start her own life. Your father will be so honored to take on this role, which will certainly create a heartfelt wedding photo.
wedding portraits

The bond you share with your father is truly special

  • Capture the bond you share. Every father is unique. Your father certainly raised you differently than others were raised. He offered you different loves in life, from sports to goals. The bond you share is one of a kind, and this can be showcased throughout your wedding photos. From a loving kiss on the forehead to a warm embrace, these moments with you father will evoke such love, through each and every photo captured.
wedding portraits

Your father is one of a kind!

  • Highlight your father’s essence. As you grew up, you likely remember seeing moments where your father was overflowing with joy, the look he gave when you would see him after school and you knew he was happy to see you in return. You can showcase these specific faces within your wedding portraits as well, to display that essence that you have known so well over the years. When you see these photos proudly hung upon your walls, you will see the face of the father you have loved for your entire life. Seeing that face that you know so well can make it feel as if he is there with you, even if he is miles away. Creating a natural appeal throughout your father/daughter wedding portraits is the best way to highlight your true personalities.

There is no bond like a bond between a father and daughter. The giggles they share and the passions they bond over, a father will always be there for his little girl, especially on the day of the wedding. Here at Christina Wehbe Studios, as a wedding photographer in Chicago, I believe that it is so incredibly important to honor such a strong relationship with your father, through photography.