Get Creative with Your Chicago Senior Portrait Photo Session

Your last year in high school should be celebrate with a senior portrait!

senior portrait

Your senior portraits should shine!

After all of your hard work, studying, extracurricular activities, and after school programs, you have finally made it to your senior year of high school. This is the year that you will begin readying yourself to forge your own path in life. Whether you choose to go to college, get a job, or pursue other interests, you will certainly want to showcase this milestone with senior portraits.

A senior portrait photoshoot will highlight your growth over the years, especially when compared to past school photos, and will give you the opportunity to represent the person you have become through it all. Your senior portraits are a huge deal.

I believe that it’s important to celebrate the progress you have made, especially in school. That’s why, here at Christina Wehbe Studios, as a Chicago portrait photographer, I have put together a few ways to help you get creative with your Chicago senior portrait. To discover how you can capture truly fabulous images, be sure to continue reading for some great inspiration:

senior portrait

Highlight your last year in high school

  • Highlight your graduating year. If you are a part of the proud class of 2018, you can highlight the year within your photos. Banners, balloons, signs, sashes, and even something as simple as writing it on the bottom of your shoe, your graduating year should be celebrated.
senior portrait

Incorporate your hobbies into your photos

  • A nod to your most inspiring literature. Literature, surely played a huge role in inspiring the person you are today, especially if you consider yourself a bookworm. You can make a nod to the literature that was most inspirational to you. For example, if you were intrigued by novels such as “1984”, “Frankenstein”, “Lord of the Flies”, or any other novel, you can incorporate it into your photos.
senior portrait

Showcase the excitement for your future

  • Celebrate your future travels. Far off colleges, planned adventures around the world; no matter the reason for your future adventures, you can showcase your intent to see the world. Suitcases are a great prop for such an occasion, as are passports and maps.
senior portraits

Honor your past!

  • Honor your childhood. Now that you are making your own way in life, or at least you’re about to, your childhood is officially over. You can still add a little remembrance of your childhood with the use of chalk. You can create a unique display for your senior portraits with something as simple as your name spelled out in chalk, your graduating year, doodles of you throughout your time at school, there are really infinite possibilities, and will allow you to showcase your fun and playful side.
senior portraits

Incorporate the beauty of the season!

  • The season. This will be your last set of seasons in high school. Your last summer’s end, last autumn, last winter, and last spring as a high school student are vital points within your life. You can honor your last autumn by creating a gorgeous Fall setting for your senior photos. Leaves, boots, jackets, and more can all be brought together to form the perfect scene.

Your senior year will be a blast. Be sure to enjoy this last year before you venture out into the world. A senior portrait photoshoot is just what you need to get into the senior spirit, and these tips will help you walk away with stunning senior portraits. Here at Christina Wehbe Studios, as a portrait photographer in Chicago, I believe that every senior should end the year with an incredible collection of senior portraits.