“Getting Ready” Photos to Capture on Your Chicago Wedding Day

You may believe that the magic of your Chicago wedding day begins as you take your first step down the aisle.

Chicago wedding

Each moment of your wedding day should be captured

However, that is untrue. By the time you make your way down the aisle, you have already begun creating unforgettable wedding moments, so you should capture your wedding photos much sooner, such as when you begin getting ready.

As you and your partner split off to join your part of the wedding party, you will begin creating your own special moments with those that you love dearly. You and your bridesmaids will gather together, and begin getting dolled up for the magical day ahead of you. Hair, makeup, dresses, accessories; you won’t forget this special time with your girls.

Here at Christina Wehbe Studios, as a Chicago wedding photographer, I believe that as you begin getting ready, you will begin creating some of your most fond wedding memories with your best friends. That’s why I have put together a few getting ready photos to capture on your own Chicago wedding day. If you want a complete wedding album, be sure to continue reading to spark your inspiration:

Chicago wedding

Make new memories with your bridesmaids!

  • Candid Photos of Your Bridesmaids. Your bridesmaids have stood by your side through your life, and will continue to do so on your wedding day. Capturing their genuine reactions and emotions with candid photos will produce truly incredible photos of your favorite girls.
Chicago wedding

Each detail of your wedding dress should be showcased

  • Your Wedding Gown. Perhaps one of the biggest, elegant and most expensive elements of your bridal attire is your wedding gown. After searching tirelessly for the perfect wedding dress, it would pay to capture the beauty of your gown before you debut it down the aisle.
Chicago wedding

The groom should be equally highlighted through photos!

  • The Groom and The Ring Bearer. With the ring bearer, being so small, will certainly need a little help tying his bowtie and adding his finishing touches. Your groom is the ideal person to help him, and you can capture all the heartwarming charm within your photos.
Chicago wedding

Don’t forget about the garter!

  • Garter Shot. If you and all your bridesmaids are wearing garters, you can capture a fun photo of everyone flashing them. Gorgeous legs, a smile on your faces, and every unique garter, will make for a fun best friend photo.
Chicago wedding

Create some fun photos!

  • Your Groom and His Groomsmen. Remember, it takes two to get married. Be sure to capture those heartwarming moments that your groom is creating with his best friends as well. Photos of your groom and his groomsmen will showcase the bromance that they share. You will smile as you see how happy your groom is, and he will adore having such great photos of him and his best friends.
Chicago wedding

Capture heartfelt moments with your parents

  • The Newlyweds to-be and Their Parents. Both you and your groom have the opportunity to capture photos of you with your parents. Having your photographer present as your mother and father get to see their darling daughter in her full bridal attire for the first time will provide remarkable photos. The same goes for your groom. Having parents play such a huge role in your wedding day will not only create cherished memories, but stunning photos as well.

These are just a few of the many possibilities to spark your inspiration. Here at Christina Wehbe Studios, as a wedding photographer in Chicago, I believe that the wedding memories begin way before your walk down the aisle, and they should certainly be captured.