Tips for Rocking Heels on Your Chicago Wedding Day

Will you be wearing heels at your Chicago wedding?

Chicago wedding

You should have confidence when wearing your heels!

Gorgeous jewels, a trendy hairstyle, stunning makeup, a wedding gown to die for, and the shoes to match; every detail has an incredibly crucial part to play in your completing your bridal ensemble. However, it’s important to consider the best details to accompany your bridal look, such as your wedding shoes. If you are choosing to strut down the aisle in gorgeous heels, there are a few things you need to know.

The fear of tripping on your gown, or stumbling on your heels as you make your grand entrance is another thing that all too many brides worry about. It goes without saying that you are already under enough stress and worry for your wedding day. Your heels can stay off that list of worries.

Here at Christina Wehbe Studios, as a Chicago wedding photographer, I believe that every bride should feel confident as she makes her grand entrance. That’s why I have put together a few tips for rocking heels on your Chicago wedding day. If you want to make a lasting impression in your heels, be sure to continue reading to learn how you can:

Chicago wedding

Break in your heels before the big day!

  • Take Them for a Test-Run. You are not very likely to buy a car that you haven’t had a chance to drive. This same logic can be applied to your heels. Whether you are buying them, or have already bought them, you will want to take them for a test-drive so you know that you can navigate them smoothly on your big day. This will also help break in your shoes to avoid any pain or blisters.
Chicago wedding

Determine how to most efficiently walk in your heels

  • Test Your Weight. Whether you are using your wedding heels, or a random pair of heels, it’s time to test your core. It’s recommended that you use your wedding heels, so you can be prepared for your big day and you can break them in. Strut around in those heels, and determine where your weight falls. You can close your eyes, get a feel for your core, and take a step. This will allow you to focus the required muscles to maintain a balance. You can open your eyes slightly and take another step. After taking a few more steps, opening your eyes slightly with every step, you will have a good feel of where your core balance is.
Chicago wedding

Be sure to give those feet a break every now and then

  • Take A Seat. Wearing heels for an entire day, no matter how broken in they may be, will still be rough on your feet. You can avoid any unnecessary pain by taking a seat every twenty minutes or so. It doesn’t matter where, or what your excuse needs to be, take a seat and give your poor feet a rest.
Chicago wedding

Flaunt your confidence!

  • Showcase Your Confidence. Is there anything more beautiful that a bride can wear, than confidence? As long as you feel good, you are sure to look good and navigate those heels better than you ever imagined. It is important that, before your wedding day, you are entirely confident walking in your heels! If you have any doubts at all, it may be best to opt for a different pair.

Rock your wedding heels at your Chicago wedding with ease by utilizing these tips! After all, your shoes do play a big part in your big day. Here at Christina Wehbe Studios, as a wedding photographer in Chicago, I believe that every bride should feel confident on her big day, especially in her heels.