Current Chicago Makeup Trends

Utilizing current Chicago makeup trends will ensure that your photos look fabulous!

makeup trends

Your makeup is important for many reasons for your photoshoot, such as shaping your face and showcasing your own style and beauty. Overall, your makeup is a detail that is just as important as your stunning outfit and your radiant smile.

The makeup you represent is a crucial detail to your photoshoot. After all, you will want to showcase all of your stunning features.

Your makeup is important for many reasons, such as shaping your face and bringing your own style out within your photos.  That’s why, here at Christina Wehbe Studios, as a Chicago portrait photographer, I have gathered a few of the current Chicago makeup trends that you can utilize within your photoshoot to highlight your own exterior beauty. If you want to look your best in front of the camera, be sure to continue reading to discover these gorgeous makeup trends:

makeup trends

Blush will allow your eyes to pop

  • Blush it up! Blush can bring a subtle, warm glow to your face, as well as define your cheeks. However, you can go bigger and bolder with your blush. You can make it so your blush is meant to be seen by bringing the pink hue up to your eyelids, creating it to be darker and more noticeable, which in return will accentuate your flattering eyes.
makeup trends

Add some shine to your eyes with lid gloss

  • Lip gloss? Try lid gloss! Wanting to shine within your photoshoot is expected. You can use your makeup as a way to bring some shine to your eyes. Instead of bringing a glossy effect to your lips, you can switch it up and coat your lids with a gloss eyeshadow. Glossy eyeshadow presents such a glamourous appearance, which will certainly add some flair to your photos.
makeup trends

Make your pores disappear with matte foundation

  • Matte Foundation. Creating your skin to appear poreless, matte foundation is a stunning way to showcase your flawless skin. Matte foundation has become a favorite among many, as it is easy to apply and doesn’t appear caked on. Also, it will have your face appearing anything but shiny, which is certainly ideal for your photoshoot.
makeup trends

Create a bold look for your eyes with black liner

  • Go bold with black! Although you may have worked tirelessly to perfect those bold eyeliner wings, it is time to leave them behind. This year, it’s all about the liner on your eye waterlines. You can bring attention to your gorgeous eyes by drawing a bold outline on your waterline. This will help you make a statement and draw everyone else’s eyes to your most powerful weapon, your own eyes.

Every woman deserves to receive stunning images of her best features! These are just a few of the hottest Chicago makeup trends that you can utilize to have you beaming with pride and confidence in front of the camera. Here at Christina Wehbe Studios, as a portrait photographer in Chicago, I believe it is vital that you feel confident within your photoshoot, and our professional makeup artists and hairstylists will ensure that all of your features are showcased beautifully!