Your Groom Should Be at Ease for His Chicago Wedding Photos

When it comes to your wedding, you will certainly want to showcase stunning wedding photos.

wedding photos

Everyone should be comfortable in front of the camera!

However, planning a wedding can be quite overwhelming! Coordinating with both families, planning a guest list and seating chart…the list of wedding planning activities carries on. It is vital that couples find a way to let go of the stress and feel at ease in front of the camera on their big day.

Your groom is the love of your life. You adore seeing his face light up when he is excited and happy. The smile he flashes is enough to put butterflies in your stomach. If your groom is uneasy at all in front of the camera, you can bet that you will miss out on these wonderful characteristics. That would certainly be a shame on such an important day.

I believe, here at Christina Wehbe Studios, as a Chicago wedding photographer, it’s crucial to capture your groom’s handsome, natural expressions. That’s why I have put together a few ways your groom can be at ease for his Chicago wedding photos. If you want all natural and completely genuine shots of your groom, feel free to keep reading to discover how you can:

wedding photos

Get to know your photographer!

  • Give your groom the opportunity to connect with your photographer. Could you imagine someone you don’t know taking photographs of you? Your groom my feel uncomfortable if he has never had the opportunity to connect with your photographer. Having your groom present when interviewing your photographer and planning specifics, will allow them to connect. I also offer a complimentary engagement photoshoot with the booking of a wedding, so we can all get a chance to connect with one another before your big day.
wedding photos

Learn the details of your photoshoot

  • Allow your groom to help decide on a photography style. When you begin choosing your photography style, choosing a photographer, and planning the specifics, your groom will certainly want to take part in these important decisions. The more your groom feels as though he has played a part in planning the photography, the more comfortable he will feel on your big day. If your groom helps plan the specifics for your wedding photography, it also helps him understand the style you and your photographer are aiming for, and allows him to know what he should expect for the photo session.
wedding photos

Allow everyone to get to know your photographer

  • Let the whole gang meet your photographer. It is likely that if your groom’s friends and family can bond with your photographer and get along well, your groom is more likely to open up and connect. Before your big day starts, you and your groom can introduce your photographer to the groomsmen and your future in-laws. If he feels that those closest to him can relate to your photographer and he can connect with your photographer on his own terms, he is likely to ease up and feel relaxed as he has his own photos captured.

Being able to see those charming facial expressions your groom displays on your big day heavily relies on your groom being at ease with the photographer. These are a few ways to help your fiancé warm up for the camera. Here at Christina Wehbe Studios, as a wedding photographer in Chicago, I believe it’s vital that the bride and groom be happy and relaxed for their wedding photos.