Heartfelt Photos to Capture at Your Chicago Wedding

There will be many emotions that will fill your Chicago wedding day, such as passion, romance, surprise, love, happiness, nervousness, and excitement.

Chicago wedding

Heartfelt photos should be showcased from your wedding!

Yes, there will be a myriad of emotions that showcased throughout your wedding album. However, the real trick is to capture your wedding photos to be heartfelt, as they will be your main reminder of the many feelings you experienced on your big day.

So, how does one ensure that they have incredible, heartfelt photos to fill their album with? Surely, you would rather avoid displaying photos that are absent the beautiful feelings that have filled your wedding day. The true magic will be displayed within the pictures that capture your most precious moments, such as when your groom sees you in full bridal attire for the first time, or your first dance as newlyweds.

Here at Christina Wehbe Studios, as a Chicago wedding photographer, I believe that a wedding album deserves photos that tell the story of your big day, emotions and all. That’s why I have put together a few heartfelt Chicago wedding photos for you to capture on your own special day. To ensure that your album isn’t missing these special moments, be sure to continue reading:

Chicago wedding

Your wedding photos can evoke sentimental values

  • Recreate Those Old Family Wedding Photos. One of the most beautiful aspects of photography is that you can preserve the history of your family, creating a legacy. This will certainly include the moments when your family expanded, such as through marriage. You can search through your family’s old wedding photos, find your absolute favorites, and then recreate them within your own wedding album. You will be complementing your family history as you make history of your own. It will certainly be heartfelt, and these images will be ones that you can truly cherish.
Chicago wedding

Cherish heartfelt moments with your parents!

  • Special Moments with Your Parents. From first-looks to those special moments with your parents throughout the day, you will have plenty of opportunities to capture those moments. You can allow your parents to help you get ready, such as by placing your veil or tying your tie. Capturing these moments will allow you to highlight one of the most important people in your life, within your wedding album.
Chicago wedding

Don’t forget about your pets!

  • Your Beloved Pet. There is no doubt that your pet isn’t just another animal. They are a huge part of your life, and you love them dearly. Your big day will be filled with plenty of loved ones, so why shouldn’t your pet be present too? There are many ways in which you can incorporate your furry friend, such as by providing them with a role within your wedding. These wedding photos of your pet will not only be heartfelt, but they will certainly provide you with a big smile as you view them!

A wedding day presents many opportunities to preserve the emotions and precious memories that you will experience. These moments can help inspire you to fill your album with heartfelt photos. Here at Christina Wehbe Studios, as a wedding photographer in Chicago, I believe that every album should showcase those precious moments that made your day unforgettable.