Props to Utilize for Your Chicago Pin-Up Photoshoot

The curls, polka dots, alluring outfits, fun props, and gorgeous makeup, all make for a great pin-up photoshoot.

pin-up photoshoot

A pin-up ohotoshoot will showcase personality

If you are also a fan of the lovely pin-up style, then you have likely pondered a pin-up photoshoot. Not only will you have a blast, but you will get gorgeous photos yourself representing a full-retro look. These photos will certainly add some flair to your collection!

Sexy, yet playful, what is the key to creating truly authentic pin-up photos, other than dressing the part? That would be the props, of course! They will bring your overall image to life, and assist you in capturing stunning images.

I believe that pin-up is a great photo style that allows a person to communicate their sexy side, as well as their playful side. That’s why, here at Christina Wehbe Studios, as a portrait photographer in Chicago, I have put together a few props to include in your own Chicago pin-up photoshoot. To learn how you can make the most of your retro style, be sure to continue reading:

pin-up photoshoot

A classic car will be a fun addition to your photos

  • Classic Ride. One of the most beautiful elements of this retro era, surely must be the automobile design. The curves, the hues, and an all-out authentic feel can add a genuine retro look to your photos. Incorporating a vintage car into your photoshoot will give you a prop to lean on, and will bring its own beauty to your photos.
pin-up photoshoot

A jukebox will allow you to turn back time!

  • Loveable Jukebox. Music was huge back in the day, and for good reason too! You can honor your love for music with a classic jukebox. It is instantly recognizable and can even communicate your own passion for tunes.
pin-up photoshoot

Don’t forget the cat eyes!

  • Cat Eyes. When you see those beautifully shaped cat eye sunglasses, your mind is instantly directed to the retro pin-up era. They were very fashionable then, and that incredible sense of style can still be represented throughout your photos. Add a fashionable flair to your images with these trendy glasses.
pin-up photoshoot

A bandana will add some sass!

  • Bandanas. The curls are, of course, a gorgeous addition to any pin-up photoshoot. However, you can take it one fashionable step further by wrapping those curls in a bandana. They made quite an impact in the past, and will still continue to do so for your Chicago photos today.
pin-up photoshoot

Unique props will enhance your photos!

  • Umbrellas. Do you know of a gorgeously made retro umbrella or parasol? Well, then you may have found an incredible addition to your pin-up photos. Rock those sunglasses, pin-up outfits, and even a lovely umbrella that complements this era.
pin-up photoshoot

Turn back time with a rotary phone!

  • A Rotary Phone. Talk about a blast form the past. Most of the newer generations don’t know the first thing about using a rotary phone. However, it will create a powerful impact for your pin-up photos.

The pin-up era is certainly a gorgeous time period, and should be admired. Re-creating such a beautiful part of our culture can prove to be incredible. These props will help you create wondrous pin-up photographs. Here at Christina Wehbe Studios, as a Chicago portrait photographer, I believe that every woman should indulge her love for the lovely pin-up era, with a professional photoshoot.