Own Your Pose for Your Chicago Wedding Photos

Nerves can begin to set in when you think about having your Chicago wedding photos captured.

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Every couple should reflect natural beauty within their wedding photos

Even after searching for the best poses, photo inspiration, and picking the most gorgeous wedding attire to keep your confidence up, you may still feel nervous. With such a big day ahead of you, entertaining, remembering your vows, and pulling off an incredible wedding, you will also want to achieve flawless wedding photos.

There is no need to add any extra stress to your plate on your wedding day. If you are even the slightest bit nervous in front of the camera, you may be looking for a few tips and tricks to boost your confidence in front of the lens. You will certainly want your photos to show how confident and happy you are on your big day, and not highlight any awkward or uncomfortable emotions.

Wedding photos will be how you will remember your big day! That’s why, here at Christina Wehbe Studios, as a Chicago wedding photographer, I believe that confidence should shine bright within your wedding photos. Therefore, I have put together a few tips to help you get comfortable in front of the camera for your own Chicago wedding photos. If you want your wedding album to radiate happiness and beauty, be sure to keep reading to learn how:

wedding photos

Get to know your photographer through an engagement photoshoot

  • An engagement photoshoot is great practice. Scheduling an engagement photoshoot gives you a test-run to prepare you for your Chicago wedding photos. You will not only get the chance to learn how you and your photographer best communicate and become more familiar with each other, but you will also get the chance to practice being in front of the camera with your partner. After your engagement photoshoot, you will have a better idea of what to expect on your big day. We provide a complimentary engagement photo session with any wedding booking.
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Learn about your wedding photography location to know what to expect

  • Get a feel for your wedding location. Knowing your wedding location can help to ease any wedding photography jitters. You will know your way around, having had the opportunity to scout beautiful settings for your photos. You will also know your own surroundings, and be able to prepare for any inconveniences, such as long grass staining your train, or unusual surfaces you will walk on while wearing your heels. Knowing your location will prepare you for your photos, and give you a sense of comfort and preparedness. Also, you should always bring shoes that are easy to walk in as well, so that you can move with ease.
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Choose your photographer carefully

  • Choose a trustworthy photographer that you feel comfortable with. It is no secret that you are entrusting your wedding photographer with a lot. This is your wedding day, and they have one chance to capture your most important moments. When you decide that your chosen photographer is indeed talented and trustworthy, it’s important that you also determine if you feel comfortable around them. You must feel comfortable enough with your photographer to have an open line of communication. If they want you to do a pose that doesn’t match your style, you must feel comfortable enough to tell them no. This is key for happy, comfortable photos.

Your wedding day is a big deal, to say the least. It’s expected that your wedding photos turn out unbelievably gorgeous! That’s why, here at Christina Wehbe Studios, as a wedding photographer in Chicago, I believe that it is vital that you feel comfortable in front of the lens.