Poses to Inspire Your Chicago Portrait Photoshoot

Booking a portrait photoshoot is a wonderful way to get beautiful photos of yourself.

portrait photoshoot

Poses will accentuate your portraits

Whether you choose to showcase them on your social media, within your home, or send them to your loved ones, your portraits should look stunning. If you are one of the many people who are at a loss for poses within photos, perhaps you need a few points of inspiration.

The poses you feature within your photos can add to the image. You can communicate emotions, passions, characteristics, and your personality, through a fantastic pose. So, choosing the best poses for your photos are a must.

I believe that the poses you showcase can tell your story and have you looking great within every photo. That’s why, here at Christina Wehbe Studios, as a Chicago portrait photographer, I wanted to share a few poses to inspire you for your own Chicago portrait photoshoot. Be sure to continue reading to spark your inspiration:

portrait photoshoot

Show your assertive side!

  • Powerful and Assertive. You are strong and you can show it! After all, this is your portrait photoshoot, and you should highlight your most prominent and favorite attributes. If one of those attributes is your strength, show it off with a powerful and assertive pose. Stand tall and strong, to present a powerful personality throughout your photos.
portrait photoshoot

Walls will enhance your poses

  • Utilize a Wall. Walls can make gorgeous additions to photos. Not only can they provide a beautiful texture and color, but they also serve as a great prop for posing. If there is a wall that you can use for your own photoshoot! From using it as a brace to leaning against it, you have the opportunity showcase a seductive and sassy appearance. We have many walls here in my studio, providing an array of unique textures and colors, so that you can evoke a true sense of creativity throughout your photos.
portrait photoshoot

Use chairs as props

  • Chairs. Props are a great addition to your photos and they certainly assist with posing. A chair is another great choice for photoshoot poses. Find a beautiful chair that will complement your photo’s style, and you can sit on it backwards, forwards, or even use it as a brace. The opportunities are truly endless! From modern chairs to vintage beauties, I will discover just the right chair to complement the vision of your photos.
portrait photoshoot

Just be yourself!

  • Relaxed and Cute. Not every photo has to show your powerful or sensual side. You are just as beautiful hanging out, as you are when you are showcasing elegant poses. There is no need for intricate foot placement, or finding just the right lean. All that you need to do is be yourself to present some natural poses. I will talk to you, joke with you, and allow you to express some raw and real photos with your own poses.

Your portraits will highlight your best features and showcase a sneak peek into who you are. Making use of these tips will ensure that you have the best poses for your own photos. Here at Christina Wehbe Studios, as a portrait photographer in Chicago, I believe that the right poses will beautifully enhance your photos.