Tips for the Best Boudoir Photography Session in Laguna Beach Orange County

Tips for the Best Boudoir Photography Session in Laguna Beach Orange County

Preparing For Your Shoot

Now that you’ve booked your Boudoir session, here are some useful tips to follow that will make your experience and photos the best they can be!

One Month Before Your Session


It is never too early to start planning for your Boudoir session, and this planning should be a fun part of the process!  Think about what kinds of outfits you’d like to wear and get them together.

  • We do have an extensive lingerie and boudoir props wardrobe at the studio, but you’re welcome to find clothing, sexy heels, accessories and props to use in your shoot
  • Order your outfits and accessories way early for your shoot
  • If you are using hair extensions, order them now
  • If your shoot is of a pinup or Hollywood style nature, shop for your size and order your outfits ahead of time
  • Lingerie is nice and definitely sexy, but sometimes a tight t-shirt, soft sweater or over-sized button-down shirt can be even sexier
  • Using something meaningful to your significant other is a great way to personalize your shoot: A favorite tie or button-down shirt or Sports fan jerseys, hats and gear!
  • Visit our Pinterest page @christinawehbe for inspiration and ideas we collected for you
  • Feel free to send me your inspiration photos to my email before the shoot

Two Days Before the Shoot

Ladies, it’s time to pamper yourself!

  • If you wax, do two days before your shoot
  • Make sure your eyebrows are nicely shaped and groomed
  • If you’re planning on getting a haircut or color, give yourself a few days to make sure you are happy with it
  • We highly recommend a salon manicure and pedicure for a flawless finish
  • Stay out of the sun – while a base tan will be nice in photo’s, red skin will not
  • Drink plenty of water for luminous skin
  • Watch your salt intake if you’re worried about retaining water
  • Try on your outfits and lingerie to make sure they fit properly; remove all tags and labels with scissors

The Day Before

Relax and Be Ready

  • Shave and moisturize
  • Double-check everything you will be bringing the night before and make sure that you leave plenty of time to get to the studio without stressing – lingerie, accessories, special bras, heels, hair extensions and props
  • Have a nice and relaxing evening with no stress and try not to have more than one drink
  • Get a good night’s sleep – Seven to eight hours is great

The Day of your Photo Shoot

Get ready for a wonderful experience

  • To avoid marks on the wardrobe Use clear deodorant or none
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing to your session to avoid red marks on your skin (no jeans, tight bra straps, tight socks or tight clothing), we do have robes at the studio for you 🙂
  • Eat something light but filling before you leave the house, protein bars are a good idea
  • Come with clean dry hair and a clean face
  • Have your final Boudoir Session payment ready (check, Chase QuickPay, or cash)
  • Stretch, maybe yoga, walk on the beach, the aim is to RELAX – it is completely normal to be nervous, but don’t worry because you are in very good hands.  Our hair stylists and make-up artists are the best in Laguna beach and orange county, and they will make you look amazing.  Your photographer Christina has several years of experience, and she knows exactly how to coach you, pose you and make you comfortable throughout the shoot.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most clients – enjoy it!

View & Order Session

Approximately two weeks after your photo session, you will come back to the studio to view all of your edited photos printed and ready for your viewing on the reveal wall!  Pick out your favorites and leave with the boudoir photographs that you absolutely love. We offer albums, print boxes, portfolio boxes, and many other packages.

If you have ANY questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to seeing you!

What is #OwnYourFemininity and Why?

What is #OwnYourFemininity and Why?


For Years we have used #OwnYourFemininity in our social media and printed material, the hashtag is a very personal one for me. As women, we struggle with the mixed and confusing message we get from the society around us. Are we fit enough, are we smart enough? Are we feminine enough? Are we strong enough? are we confident enough? are we overconfident? Are we emotional? Are we too emotional? The confusing and conflicting tips of how to “be a woman” is just overwhelming. Having five nieces has taught me at a young age that I have to get my attitude together asap and figure things out for myself because I saw how influenced they are by my lifestyle and the way I carry myself. I didn’t choose to be a role model, my position in the family as one of seven siblings and being an aunt for five fine young boys and five magnificent young girls are such a responsibility.

I had my own struggles with my confidence, self-love, self-value and self-image. Those days are long gone now but I remember being a teenager and not knowing who I was. I reached a point where I had to love myself, value myself and encourage myself for whatever I was at that time of my life.  Owning my femininity was coined after I came to peace with my body type. I was told a top-heavy body type and I’ve heard so many remarks ALL THE TIME as if having any body type is a permit for people to comment on your body. I started being conscious about my body type when I was a teenager and I got the wrong attention from the wrong people, I learned to hide my body because it brought me feelings of insecurity and I felt I have to be guarded to protect myself. I hit my 20s and I started exploring with traveling, falling in love and achieving goals, it felt liberating to learn to navigate the conversation from my body to what I’m doing and my dreams and aspirations and the steps I was taking to achieve them. The art of handling people didn’t come to me naturally, it comes with experience. Nowadays it is much easier because people are more aware, I think in my circles at least but I’ve been owning my body type and femininity for a long time now and I didn’t realize I did it until my nieces hit teenage years and I saw the struggles they are going through and it reminded me of my own struggles at that clueless age. Owning your femininity is loving yourself (whatever self you have right now) regardless of your age, size, color, or confidence level. Confidence and happiness come after you love yourself, heck all kind of magic happens after you start loving yourself, so here’s my advice to everyone who is judging themselves too hard: Would you be hard on your best friend like you’re hard on yourself? Don’t love others more than you love yourself, Love your self every day, every moment and in any self-image you have and love yourself NOW.

You don’t have to have boudoir photoshoot done to learn about loving yourself and owning your femininity but it absolutely is the icing on the cream. I’ll write another blog post about boudoir photography and how it helps my clients own their femininity but for now, I’ll leave you with this: Love your self… Love your self.

What is Contemporary Glamour Photoshoot?

What is Contemporary Glamour Photoshoot?

Have you ever looked through magazines and thought “WOW”? I’ve been wowed with Annie Leibovitz’s every time I see her photographs in Vanity Fair magazine or Vogue magazine. She’s such an inspiration to me. I love how people speak in her portrait through their expression and this is exactly what I do in my studio. I take vanity fair magazine style portraits so people can be themselves and reveal their characters through their portrait. The hardest thing I had to learn in my business is how to help people be themselves and show me sides of their personalities that they normally hide and mask it with that facade we all put on when “not sure”.

When I say glamour, someone might think cheesy boas and unnatural poses… lol NO! The 80s hilarious glamour is far gone, nowadays it’s about your ability to show your powers through a portrait.

My 2000 sf Laguna beach portrait studio offers a full service of hair styling and makeup application at the studio by a professional licensed hair and makeup stylist to bring the best version of you out. The makeup is not what makes it fantastic, but having the right products on you is essential to be able to utilize the lighting we use. We contour our client’s faces using lighting and shadows and not makeup only. Our creative lighting, corrective posing, and mindful directions will help you own your powers and be aware of your strengths in front of the camera and you’ll be perfect from the top of your head to your toes. Being a portrait photographer doesn’t mean whipping a camera out and starting to take photos and hope one of them works out, portrait photography is planning, thinking, styling, coordinating and helping my clients bring themselves into the shoot, you do all the work, what I do is give you means and directions to ace your portrait photoshoot.

In the photograph with Christina Welky’s red burgundy dress, we had a simple metallic backdrop wall behind her but the real sparkle was in her eyes and her expression. Her personality and fire showed in her eyes and her expression. When you’re in a photography studio, things can get a bit intimidating, and my job is to bring you back and help you own your strength again in front of the camera. The dress is from the studio’s wardrobe.

In the second photo, Alex’s timeless black and white photograph brought me back to my days in art school when I used to be obsessed with Hollywood portrait portraiture and I used to seek art museums and go out of my way to find old photographs in antique shows, estate sales on eBay! I learned a lot from the old style photography art where they did everything in camera and they didn’t rely on photoshop. In this photograph, we used the same backdrop as Christina Welky’s backdrop but the difference was in the distance and in the editing style. Being a portrait photographer is limitless, I love to create unique photos of every client. We have this gorgeous dress in our wardrobe at the studio btw.

In the third photograph of Tina in the gold dress, I picked a textured gold backdrop to give her that monochromatic look that goes with her olive skin, I loved her flexibility and ability to give different expressions within one pose. She brought this dress with her and my eyes popped, she wasn’t sure it photographed well but I saw it and I immediately knew what to do. Her hair highlights, her skin tones, and the dress were complementing factors to her pose and the way she brought her personality out through a cover girl pose, she definitely owned her femininity.

Tips to Assist You with Planning Your Chicago Wedding Transportation

Tips to Assist You with Planning Your Chicago Wedding Transportation

As an experienced portrait photographer in Orange County, I understand just how important it is to have the right Chicago wedding transportation! Not only will you need to travel to and from your wedding, but your guests will as well. If you are marrying in the city of Chicago, know that the hustle and bustle is always present. Therefore, you should definitely keep in mind that a party bus would be an ideal way to get around, as well as a convenient option for transporting a multitude of guests.

Have you chosen your Chicago wedding transportation yet? If not, we have some tips to assist you with planning yours.

Here at Christina Wehbe Studios, as a portrait photographer in Orange County, I believe that you and your wedding guests should arrive to your big day with ease. That’s why we have gathered some tips to assist you in planning your own Chicago wedding transportation. To discover all of the great details, be sure to continue reading:

portrait photographer in Orange County

  • Inquire About Wedding Packages

    When choosing a transportation company, such as Party Bus Chicago, you have the opportunity to save some money and personalize the amount of time you need to get from one point to another on your wedding day. After all, as a portrait photographer in Orange County, I believe that you should get the most out of your money! Often times weddings don’t require all day transportation, though all itineraries are different, so be sure to let the customer service representative know when you’re calling to make inquiries. It could make a big difference! If you are ready to inquire with the wonderful Party Bus Chicago, be sure to contact them at: (312) 725-2871 or

portrait photographer in Orange County

  • Ask to View Vehicles in Person

    Taking the time to view where the company stores their vehicles will make you feel so much better about spending your money. Not only will you get a better idea of how professional they are in person, but you’ll also know exactly what to expect on your wedding day. As a portrait photographer in Orange County, I want to ensure that you have the best vehicle for your big day! Since many companies measure their sizing specifications based on state laws, passenger capacities can be pretty tricky, often times leaving buses smaller than expected. This will put you ahead of the game!

portrait photographer in Orange County

  • Look Over the Contract Carefully

    There are many reasons why this step is important! First, you’ll want to ensure that you understand all of the terms and conditions, so that you aren’t hit with any damage charges. Similarly, many companies add in fees for gratuity, tax, or fuel at the last minute with tricky language in their contracts, so keep your eyes peeled! As a portrait photographer in Orange County, I understand just how important it is to carefully review contracts!

The right transportation is a must for your wedding day travels! Here at Christina Wehbe Studios, as a portrait photographer in Orange County, California, I believe that every wedding should be planned with ease, from the photography to the transportation. These are just a few tips to help prepare you for booking your party bus with a vetted company, such as Party Bus Chicago!

Hairstyle Trends to Capture with Your Fashion Photographer in Newport Beach

Hairstyle Trends to Capture with Your Fashion Photographer in Newport Beach

If you are having your portraits captured by a fashion photographer in Newport Beach, you will certainly want to flaunt a great deal of style throughout each and every photo! Discovering your favorite makeup style, carefully choosing the perfect outfits, and ensuring that your skin is glowing beautifully, know that many details will comprise your appearance. However, there is one aspect that will make quite the impact when it comes to your portraits, and that would be your hairstyle!

Whether you prefer simple curls, or have a taste for more dramatic hairstyles, you will certainly want to showcase the perfect one to debut for your portraits captured by a fashion photographer in Newport Beach!

There are so many hairstyles that fill the world, and I truly love them all! That’s why, here at Christina Wehbe Studios, as a fashion photographer in Newport Beach, I have comprised some of the most popular hairstyles that you could choose to flaunt throughout your own portraits. Would you like to discover what these hairstyles are? If so, be sure to read on:

fashion photographer in Newport Beach

  • The Flip

    Do you enjoy a natural, yet sophisticated, sense of style? If so, the flip would certainly be an ideal hairstyle for you! Full of flair and drama, the flip is a highly popular hairstyle which will add an abundance of volume and luxury to your appearance. In addition, know that it’s one of the easiest hairstyles to create, so that you can shine as you have your portraits captured by a fashion photographer in Laguna Beach. All that you must do is flip your hair from side to side to create volume within your locks. You will then be presenting a gorgeous, voluminous look that is sure to catch some attention!

fashion photographer in Newport Beach

  • Sleek

    The length and shimmer of hair is so admirable! If you have the length, and want to show off how gorgeously straight your hair can be, then you may enjoy the super sleek look when it comes to hairstyles! You can highlight your luxurious locks and a little shine throughout your portraits captured by a fashion photographer in Newport Beach, which will certainly add a great deal of beauty and sophistication to your photos. This look works best for those who have extremely healthy looking hair that radiates shine!

fashion photographer in Newport Beach

  • The High Ponytail

    If you would rather not have your hair flowing freely, choose to highlight a high ponytail throughout your portraits captured by a fashion photographer in Newport Beach. The high ponytail is a polished way to keep your hair out of the way. Sitting very high upon your head, your high ponytail can then cascade down showcasing sleek and straight strands, or curls. In addition, know that the tighter you tie your ponytail, the more lift it will give your face. The outcome is sure to be gorgeous!

fashion photographer in Newport Beach

  • Waves

    When super sleek is just too straight, and rich curls are just too bouncy, then waves may be just perfect for you! When creating a subtle look with a little extra dynamic, you can create gorgeous waves to flaunt throughout your portraits captured by a fashion photographer in Newport Beach! You won’t be overwhelmed with a dramatic hairstyle, you won’t have to put in a lot of work, and you will have gorgeous hair that showcases its natural beauty, perfect for your photo session!

You deserve to flaunt a great deal of style throughout your portraits captured by a fashion photographer in Newport Beach! These are just a few hairstyles that you could choose to showcase throughout your own photos.

Are you all set to have your own images captured by a fashion photographer in Newport Beach, California? If so, please get in touch with me here at Christina Wehbe Studios, as I would be excited with the opportunity to preserve your legacy!