I’M NOT GOOD ENOUGH!  You have no idea how many times I hear that and feel it from my clients even if they don’t say it. They look at my work and they think I work with models all the time, no I don’t! Most of my clients are professional men and women like you and me who want to elevate their image and create a portfolio of images to use for their online presence and personal branding. Portrait photography isn’t for models only, in fact every one of us is a model! Check my portraits of me out, heck I got photographed with my cat and I look like a queen! I love it and it’s because I know I deserve to be photographed like a queen, we all do. Everyone of us is the queen and king of our lives and we deserve to have fantastic images to reflect that. If you don’t know by now that your image online is the first impression, you’re missing a lot…  At our Laguna Beach Studio in Orange County, we specialize in portrait photography. That includes corporate headshots, personal and business branding, family portrait photography and the full glamour portrait photography experience. To be able to serve you better, please let us know if you’re looking for a corporate headshot session, for a full glamour and magazine style experience or if you’re simply looking to have fantastic family portraits done for you and your family. We also combine genres, we offer boudoir photography as well so contact us to send you to our specialized boudoir website which we didn’t include in this website to keep it family friendly 🙂




  • HD Makeup application and light hairstyling
  • 2 outfit changes
  • Multiple poses
  • White, grey, black, or any 1 available studio backdrop
  • One high-resolution edited jpg image




  • 4-hour Vanity Fair Magazine-Style Photoshoot
  • Wardrobe consultation with the option of using the studio’s wardrobe (you will love it!)
  • HD TV makeup application and glamorous hairstyling
  • 5 outfit changes
  • Wardrobe and preparation guide with fantastic tips to make the best of your photoshoot
  • Guidance and directions throughout the whole photoshoot
  • Complimentary lunch on the photoshoot day
  • In-studio order and reveal session (Print & Digital Packages start at $1200)
  • Magazine Style Behind-The-Scenes Instagram Video with the purchase of any package




    • 2 outfit changes
    • Multiple poses
    • White, grey, black, or any 1 available backdrop at the studio
    • One high-resolution edited jpg image



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