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My promise is to take the best portrait that you’ve ever seen of yourself and I’m inviting you to a personal photoshoot with me at my studio in Laguna beach, orange county.

Hello Beauty and Confidence Seekers!

When the people I photograph see themselves through my lens, there is a shift in their confidence. We are all a little uncomfortable with the camera, and my job is to help you overcome it and to have an Uplifting experience along with the gorgeous photos. I specialize in Boudoir Portraits for women. I photograph women of all sizes, races, ages and together we build a portfolio of elegant and timeless boudoir images.

I photograph men and women. I especially enjoy photographing people who are looking to transform their image for fabulous personal branding and stunning photographs. The makeovers we do at the studio are a full magazine photoshoot experience. As you go through the portrait process with me, you’ll enjoy an experience at the level of an A-list celebrity would receive on Oscars night.

Business portraits, or headshots or corporate headshots are our gateway to the world! You will look spectacular and your photos will be brag worthy.

Through portrait photography, I photograph men who are looking to reveal their strength, confidence and approachability through lifestyle portraiture or business headshots. I photograph women who are looking to see themselves for who they are. I photograph mothers who reconnect to themselves and realize it’s OK to be fabulous and to come back to yourself after years of having little babies.

The Why

In my first year in college, I chose Hollywood Style Portraiture as my theme. The ladies who I photographed were amazed and I got the most rewarding feedback any artist dreamt about: I changed the way those ladies saw themselves. The photographs were an incredible boost to their confidence and self esteem, they saw themselves through someone else’s eyes in a new light, literally. I immediately recognized what my calling was and the impact I could bring to other’s life journey. I graduated with a BFA in Photography from the Institute of Art. I worked in Playboy Studio West in LA with Arny Freytag, the senior Chief Photographer for Playboy and then I built my business after I perfected my craft.  I am continually pushing myself further to stay up to date with current trends in the industry, by using the most state of the art equipment and bringing the most advanced level of knowledge in my industry to the table in our photoshoots.

After dozens of awards, thousands of photoshoots, and an abundance of smiles and laughter in my studio, I count my blessings every day to get to do what I love and love what I do.

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