Choosing Outfits For Your Boudoir Experience

Dec 20, 2020 | Boudoir

When choosing outfits for a boudoir photoshoot, consider what makes you feel comfortable and confident. It’s important to feel good about yourself during the photo shoot, as this will come through in the final images. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right outfits:

  1. Choose lingerie that fits well and makes you feel sexy. You can choose something that is classic and timeless or something that is more trendy and modern.

  2. Consider incorporating other items into your outfits, such as a robe, a pair of boots, or a piece of jewelry that has special meaning to you.

  3. Think about the overall aesthetic you want to achieve. Do you want a more romantic and intimate look, or something more edgy and sultry?

  4. Don’t be afraid to try something out of your comfort zone. A boudoir photoshoot is a great opportunity to experiment with different styles and looks.

  5. Bring a few different options with you to the photoshoot so that you have some choices. This way, you can see what works best in the setting and with the photographer’s direction.


Bra and Panty Set

Do you prefer something more traditional? Bra and panty sets are a staple in boudoir photoshoots. These sets are often the first choice for many women, especially because they’re often already in your wardrobe.

Push-up bras are great if you feel you need a little boost. But if you’ve got a smaller chest, you want to avoid these bras because you can create an unflattering gap. Bras with underwires are an excellent choice for any size and shape and can offer a little extra support. And if you’re looking for something to add a sexy touch, consider a lace or sheer bra. (Figure 22A)

Panties come in almost any cut and style imaginable. Whether you’re looking for boy shorts, thongs, or something a little lacy, you can find whatever style makes you feel beautiful.

I often prefer to have the full set including a garter belt and thigh-highs; however, most of the time, we’ll take your bra off and keep the panties and the garter belt on for some implied nude or topless photos.

If you want your images to look amazing, get a matching set. You can go with high-waisted panties and a long-line shirt if you prefer less skin exposed or a little thong if you’re feeling bold. We want to highlight and emphasize your assets, and these could be any body parts: your legs, your arms, your décolleté, your chest, your derriere, or your collarbone!

Chemises and Babydolls

Chemises and babydolls are both types of lingerie, although they differ in a few ways.

Both are dress-style items that are tight around the breasts and fan out over the belly. Sometimes they have a flirty short skirt. This is yet another wonderful choice for those shopping around for additional coverage.

Babydolls are only worn to the upper thigh or higher. Chemises can reach the mid-thigh (or lower), making them ideal for someone who isn’t ready to flaunt their assets. Remember, if you start to feel more at ease, you can always bare a little more thigh during the photo shoot.

Teddies and Bodysuits

Teddies, often known as bodysuits, are excellent lingerie pieces to have in your wardrobe. Whether you use them for a photograph or not, they’re wonderful for making you feel sexy even when you don’t want to reveal much flesh.

Teddies are more revealing than bodysuits. However, in the past few years, there has been a trend of wearing lacy bodysuits as tops; I love it! (Figure 19)

Teddies combine bras and underpants. They’re similar to one-piece swimsuits but sexier with their lace and sheerness. They may feature cutouts on the sides or back to show some extra skin, but they can still conceal your stomach if you don’t want to show it.


Negligee or Peignoir 

Negligee was a classic Hollywood seduction prop in old movies. It’s ideally a light dressing gown made of sheer or soft material. Nowadays, we’re lucky to find some timeless sexy pieces from that era (I have about 70 negligees, so good luck finding good ones!).

A peignoir is a long outer garment, usually a sheer or chiffon and lace robe. Sometimes it incorporates ruffles or feathers. A peignoir usually has a matching negligee to go with it.

Slips are mini sheer or satin dresses that used to be worn under dresses for modesty and to help the dress/skirt hang properly. These oldies are truly goodies in photographs.


Bustiers and Corsets

These pieces are often confused with each other but are actually very different Corsets are designed to give your waist more definition, while bustiers are focused more on lifting and defining your breasts. Bustiers are often a little shorter, while corsets can add shape and make you look smaller or more flat-chested.

If femme fetale was an object, it would be a corset! If they’re purchased “authentically,” they restrict the waist with metal boning. They’re not comfy, but they make you look outstanding in images with a snatched waist. They’re most effective with “racier” photo themes.

Corsets with thin plastic boning are also available. These won’t give you the same shape as a true metal-boned corset, but they will almost have the same impact.

The majority of the time, bustiers don’t have boning. They have the shape of bodysuits but no bottoms, so you’ll wear them with your favorite pair of sexy underwear.

Both of these lingerie styles highlight the breasts while concealing the waist. 



LBD and “his shirt”. Little black dress! Isn’t it how some sexy nights start when you’re dating? It’s a part of your journey with your partner, so bring it with you, and we’ll get creative taking it off. 

If you’re doing this photoshoot with your partner in mind, bring their shirt! Preferably a white or light blue shirt; they photograph great, especially if they’re oversized. Buttoned up or slipped off your shoulder; it’s sexy for your partner to use his shirt as a prop. 

The power of an LBD (little black dress) or the morning-after outfit (his shirt) during your boudoir photoshoot. An oversized sweater or an item of his/her clothing would be a great addition to your photo shoot if you have a significant other. We can have a full boudoir shoot with one little black dress, and you don’t need to bring anything else!

His Shirt

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