Mar 6, 2023 | Boudoir


Last month, I had the absolute honor of photographing my new friend, Emma, a resilient breast cancer survivor. At the young age of 26, Emma discovered a lump in her breast, but her surgeon dismissed it as mere scar tissue. Tragically,  3 years later, she experienced pain and discovered yellow fluid in her bra, which led to a devastating diagnosis of DCIS breast cancer. Despite the odds, Emma faced her battle head-on, with unwavering determination, and found support from breast care nurses, a psychologist, and a community of cancer survivors.

When Emma and I connected in Australia for the boudoir photoshoot, I gained more than just a friend—I gained an ally for life. The experience was transformative for both of us. Initially, Emma felt nervous, but with warmth and professionalism, we were able to make her feel comfortable and confident. As we progressed through the shoot, I could see Emma embracing her body and rediscovering her love for herself, which was incredibly heartwarming to witness.

After the photoshoot, emotions swelled as Emma saw herself in a new light, feeling beautiful and confident again despite the adversity she had faced. It was a poignant reminder that cancer couldn’t rob her of her femininity or her beauty. On the contrary, it had made her stronger and more grateful for life.

Emma’s story and her boudoir photoshoot have been nothing short of inspiring. She hopes her journey will encourage other women to break free from their insecurities and embrace their beauty and strength. Emma believes that every woman, regardless of the challenges they may face, deserves to feel confident and empowered. Her unwavering resilience and courage in the face of adversity make her a shining example for us all.

Throughout her journey, Emma faced multiple biopsies, a double mastectomy with empty implants, grueling chemotherapy treatments, and hair loss. Yet, she remained strong and determined to raise awareness of breast cancer in younger women. Her path was laden with physical and emotional struggles, but Emma emerged on the other side committed to helping other women facing similar experiences.

I feel incredibly blessed to have been part of Emma’s journey, capturing her beauty and strength during our boudoir photoshoot. She is a true inspiration to us all, and I hope her story and photos inspire other women to embrace their beauty and strength, just like Emma did.

I was one of those people who thought I was invincible, and that won’t happen to me well…
It was really hard and I’m so grateful for every day now