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First things first, to make those angel wings, you have to:

  1. Decide on the width and length of the wings. For our gold wings we created it 5’7′. Yes you read that right. Our gold wings are five feet wide by 7 feet long.
  2. Pick what kind of feathers you need.  We opted for Ostrich Feathers.
  3. Look around at the colors in your studio and figure out the base color of the wings. We made a gold angel wings for our black lingerie. After that we made a white angel wing for cream and white lingerie. Finally we just created a black angel wings for black and red lingerie)
  4. Now it’s time to buy the material. Amazon and Ebay for the Ostrich Feathers sizes 13″, 18″ and 24″. We went to the local hardware store to buy the bendable electrical wire. I advice you buy it in person because the ones I ordered initially from Amazon were too soft. However, you might know about electrical wires more than I do so feel free to order online.  There are so many companies who make this wire and the most important thing for it to be bendable but not soft. It has to stay in place because once you bend it and glue it down it should stay.

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