Caitlin’s Boudoir Experience

Dec 5, 2020 | Boudoir

Caitlin’s Boudoir Experience Shared by Caitlin Herself

When I asked Caitlin to talk about her boudoir shoot experience and share it with us in our group and with our new clients, she was enthusiastic and said “Yes”. When we filmed her testimonials, I was brought to tears a couple of times. She is a strong confident woman and we wanted to have all the women we meet feel how good and beautiful she felt about herself. Her multi-genre photoshoot has been one of the most memorable photoshoots at the studio. Here’s her experience described by Caitlin herself in the testimonial video. Note that we didn’t showcase many many of her gorgeous revealing images.

by the time I walked out of the door, I felt incredible, every woman deserves to feel this way.

I decided to be photographed by Christina Wehbe studios for professional headshots. I just started a business, I needed professional headshots, and then the boudoir shoot was my 30th birthday gift to myself.

During the photoshoot, I was just excited, and Christina would show me some of the photos, and it just kind of reenergized me because they were so incredible and so beautiful.

I was just so excited to do the next pose or try on the next piece of lingerie. Christina showed me one of the shots and immediately I was like, yeah, I’ll pull this together, we need more of these!

it’s just the most stunning light, it makes everybody looks beautiful.

I think boudoir photography helps women own their femininity because it’s a personal experience, and I think also you know Christina allows for each client to really have a lot of say in their shoot, and what lingerie they are wearing, how their hair and makeup are done. so it’s really the client’s control of the shoot and then Christina directs it to make it beautiful.

Christina helped me pick out one of my favorite boudoir photos, and then she transformed it to look like it was hand-painted. and it is stunningly beautiful and that’s the one photo that I keep up on my wall to remind myself to own my femininity and own my confidence.

When I saw the photos for the first time and I got to take them out and put them on the wall, it was a really special moment, they were absolutely stunning, so I couldn’t be more happy with what Christina produced.

I wanted the experience, it’s a very glamorous process, and I’ve always wanted to do a boudoir shoot.

you know I’m kind of in the prime of my life and I want it… captured…

You know it’s empowering, it makes me feel confident, and it kind of gives me the reminder that I am this CEO and I am beautiful and confident and strong.

Yes, I use the photos as a daily reminder that I can do this…


I was one of those people who thought I was invincible, and that won’t happen to me well…
It was really hard and I’m so grateful for every day now