Boudoir Photography Workshop Laguna Beach Orange County

Are you a photographer? Have you taken photography classes? Are you interested in the art of boudoir and portrait photography?
If photography interests you and you know the basics of camera and lighting, then this class is for you.

This is a one-day intensive learning experience. Our boudoir photography workshop objectives are to help you build your portfolio. As a result of this class, you’ll get competent with lighting and posing especially we’ll be sharing techniques on how to get “the shot”.
Posing! bed poses, standing up poses, bodyscape poses and how to get the right expression out of your client!
You will see and witness how we light a set using one, two and three lights with and without the ambient light.
We’ll teach you how to master the available light and how a simple studio setup can create stunning boudoir photographs. This experience will help you become a better photographer. You will be taken step by step to edit the boudoir photos to complement your lighting exactly how I edit my client’s photos.
You will leave with the tools and knowledge to create your own sets and set up your own lighting. And you’ll leave with 4 PSD actions to help you with the editing.

Also, We will shoot three models during the workshop. You’ll be there when they are getting ready to witness how we prep our ladies for the camera including on what to do or NOT do with the makeup. We offer a few workshops a year, pick the date and city that suits you and meet us there! Only five photographers are going to be invited to attend so book your spot now.

We have worked with photographers all over the United States and Europe, our workshops are always in English. As a result of this workshop, you’ll make international friends especially once you start traveling with us. This experience is pretty valuable. Feel free to reach out before you book and ask questions.

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