How to Prepare for a Portrait Photoshoot?

Jun 29, 2019 | Family Portrait, Portrait Photography

Nails? Hair? Tan? Pedicure? Moisturise? Shave vs wax? What to wear? Rent or borrow or buy fabulous outfits? Shoes or no shoes? OMG so many questions!

Ok, guys here’s an easy answer: Prepare for your photoshoot like you’re preparing for your wedding day to the love of your life (YOU in this case). Treat yourself like you’d treat your bride self (mani-pedi- facial-wax-massage) pamper yourself!

  • Nails: Red nails photograph well. Why? because they are attractive, feminine and timeless. But, this is your photoshoot and you should wear whatever you’re most comfortable in. I always recommend nude or red nails because it photographs well and goes with most outfits. When to get your nails done for a photoshoot? If you’re getting a regular manicure, get it the day before your photo shoot. If you’re getting gel nails done, get it about a day to three days before your photo shoot.


  • Pedicure: Most of the photoshoots is about YOU, not your dress or shoes or pose. This photoshoot is about you and we rarely photograph full body shots because it’s a portrait and not a fashion photoshoot. It’s not about your outfit or heels or the background. It’s about you and the way you reveal yourself. We only use heels during boudoir photoshoots when the lady is on the bed and sometimes the shoe shows. The studio’s wardrobe contains a few Christian Louboutin’s heels we won’t really use them unless you insist on full body shots which is not totally my style.
  • Moisturise: heck yeah, every day even if you’re not being photographed soon. Keep that skin silky smooth for YOU! Drink a lot of water and eat less sodium about a week before your photoshoot. It helps you get the water out of your body and feel less bloated. The professional hair and makeup stylist will moisturize you here at the studio but it’s important that you go through those steps in your home. Your skin will be already healthy and ready for the professional makeup stylist.


  • Shave vs wax? Whatever you prefer. However, at the studio, we prefer shaving or waxing over leaving the body hair on because it casts a grey shadow on your skin. But to shave or now, to take it off or not is totally up to you. No, We cannot photoshop hair off your body 🙂 Also depending on if you’re having a boudoir photography session vs portrait photography session or even if it’s a headshot then you don’t have to worry about body hair!


  • What to wear for your photoshoot? That’s a big question because it depends on your photoshoot. Christina Wehbe Studios has an extensive wardrobe of clothes and props at the studio size 2-14. You’re welcome to bring your own dresses and casual cloth depending on your photoshoot. Recommendations on what to bring are going to be in the next blog post because it’s a big topic and I really want to dedicate a full blog post to this question.
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