How to Prepare for a Family Portrait Photography Session?

Jul 25, 2019 | Family Portrait, Portrait Photography

If you’re a family of two, three, four or five members and more, you probably have experienced getting your picture taken by a family portrait photographer.

I’ve been photographing family portraitures and portraits and headshots since 2006. I have learnt a few things that make your family portrait session run smooth and pleasant.

I recommend you take in consideration when planning your family portrait session those factors:

  1. Set your intention for this portrait:

    For example, is this the family portrait to be printed on a huge canvas and placed in the living room? Or is it the Christmas card family portrait? Or is a portrait session that you want to create a family coffee table book from? Set your intention.

  2. Discuss your family situation and needs with your photographer:

    We photographers are people who have families too and we understand that no family is similar to another one, for that reason, we understand when our clients tell us about things to take in consideration during our portrait session. For example: Do you have a child with special physical or emotional needs? You already know your children’s habits and preferences so please share with us.

  3. Wardrobe wardrobe wardrobe:

    Coordinating your outfits is important, but not too much coordination. The time of matching jeans and white or black shirts are gone. However, keep in mind that it’s very important to have a cohesive style and colors that doesn’t clash, for that reason, I welcome having a wardrobe consultation with my clients before the photoshoot.


    When you’re at the studio on on the beach with us, we are the ones responsible for your kids’ expression. All you have to do is relax, look at us with a big graceful smile. Don’t worry about how your kid is behaving. We are used to kids having short attention spam. For that reason, whatever your kid does, it’s OK. We don’t expect they look at us or listen to us all the time, but we need YOU to be ready for that moment. As you’ll see from the session you’ll have that we set the photography backdrop or scene. Then we direct your posing and your body language. After that we add the kids to the set. Nothing your kid might do will shock or surprise us. So we prefer if you just let us handle all the talking ONLY WHEN THEY ARE ON SET. We advise you don’t even look at them, we got that, just keep your gaze at us.  We have tricks and props to get their attention and the right expression from them so you don’t have to look down at them or worry about what they are doing.

  5. make sure all the kids are well rested and that they have a good meal before you come to the studio.

If you book your hair and makeup with us, then you will take about 1.5 hours to be camera ready, and if your kids are hungry… You know how they will behave.

Photographers have busy schedules too so make sure you contact your family photographer ahead of time to coordinate the date and time. We usually book photoshoots 3-6 weeks in advance.

Two photography styles we love to do are:

  • Vanity fair magazine style family portrait photography session
  • Beach family portrait photoshoot session

We are open to other styles but we really love the extravagant Vanity Fair Magazine style. We love the simplicity of the beach family photoshoot.






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