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Jun 29, 2019 | Family Portrait, Portrait Photography


Have you thought about your family portrait photoshoot for your Christmas card yet?  What kind of family are you?

  • Are you the goal-oriented family where everyone in your family has big dreams and goals and is working on reaching your goals every day?
  • Are you a chill back family who do your part and enjoy the journey and not too worried about the destination?
  • Maybe you are a combination of both? You gotta own your style!
  • A power couple, that’s what you are maybe? How about furry children that you want in the photos?
  • Is playing ball with your children is your thing and you want an editorial kind of family photoshoot!

A family photoshoot style has no limits, you can play, you can get serious, you can be silly and goofy, or you can look so stunningly dramatic just for the kicks. Every year you’re going to have a family photoshoot session so why not mix it up and show your fun colors!

You might like your family portrait session to be on the beach.  for example, all pastel color dresses and running free and looking like there’s nothing on your mind.

The best part about the family portrait photoshoot on the beach in Laguna beach and orange county is the gorgeous sunset that casts this golden color on your skin. As a result, your photos will have a fantastic sun flare.

  • If you’re like some of my other clients, you might like an adorable dramatic family portrait photo session.
  • In these photoshoots, you look pretty much like a queen within your family. Our clients enjoy exploring this type of photoshoot for their family portrait session for 2019.
  • Once you contact me and you’ll see some samples of my Vanity Fair magazine cover style photos. You will find inspiration and start brainstorming your ideas.
  • full hair and makeup styling are offered and done at the studio.
  • The studio has a fantastic all colors and sized 2-12 wardrobe for adult females.
  • We also have some tutu tulle skirts for girls and preteen ladies, or full grown women too!

Once you decide to have your family portrait photoshoot done, Come for an in person at our studio in Laguna Beach Orange County for the best photoshoot plan.


Things to look for when you decide to have your professional family portrait photography session done:

  1. Look at the photographer’s work, do they have a style? or do they click 1000 times and hope one of the photos will be usable?
  2. Ask your family and friends for a good family photographer recommendation.
  3. Read their online reviews on Google and Facebook and other websites.
  4. Call your photographer and ask to meet them in person AT THEIR STUDIO. A professional photographer would have a professional photo studio location.
  5. Brainstorm with your photographer. Every family is unique and like everything in life, when you have a vision of what you want, you’ll achieve it. As a professional family portrait photographer in Laguna Beach and Newport Beach in Orange County, the consultation are a must
  6. Hire a professional photographer that you trust and who cares for their client’s comfort and satisfaction and who are the best in their craft.

After all, hiring a professional photographer is a family legacy building technique. Family portraits help your children see themselves as a beautiful part of this family.


I was one of those people who thought I was invincible, and that won’t happen to me well…
It was really hard and I’m so grateful for every day now