What are Painterly Portraits? And Why are they Pricy?

Jun 28, 2019 | Portrait Photography

Painterly portraits is a photography finishing style that we have developed to give your photos an old master painter look of museum portrait art pieces. This look is very unique and we are the only photography studio in Orange Bounty who specializes in PAINTERLY PORTRAITS.

  • We photograph you in the most flattering light to your face shape.
  • We direct you to pose and reveal your powers in very natural posing.
  • Then we paint your photograph to give it that timeless painterly glow, so when we print it on a big fine art paper and mat it, it is truly a magnificent finished piece of art. We offer our painterly portraits with some of our collections or a la carte.
  • The painterly photos are not cheap filter applied in photoshop, it’s a true brush by brush painting masterpiece.
  • We started offering the painting to our clients a few years ago when our clients were ordering the huge prints.
  • Our clients wanted their canvas, metal or fine art prints to have museum quality finish to it. I have to mention that showing the photographs printed on canvas is way more impactful than showing them on a computer screen.
  • When my clients hire me to be their portrait photographer, I show them the final product and it’s always a print or canvas or a matted print along with the digital file.
  • Portraits are not meant to be only on the computer, they are meant to be a portrait print framed in your home or office.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and we are the beholder of our beauty. Our clients have the opportunity to see how beautiful they are AS A PIECE OF ART. It’s an optional service and it’s included with the studio’s black label collection.

This kind of finish to the photograph is time-consuming and required years of craftsmanship training to be able to master. We always walk our clients through which photo to have as a painted art and they are never on their own making the big decisions when it comes to decorating their homes with those pieces of art.


Portraiture has played a dominant role in the renaissance and the age of enlightenment. It stated with religious images and then it was mostly about the monarchy and to emphasize the power of the aristocratic elite. Christina receives a lot of her inspiration from those portraits. When we visit art museums, we head directly to the portraiture area. Because we are fascinated by how alive their portraits are and it inspired us to give the same experience to our clients. The studio’s clients stand in front of their portrait and say “wow”. This is the same exact feeling we feel when we gaze at a masterpiece portrait in an art museum.

Learning about the history of portraiture in college was fascinating, learning the history of photography and how much photography had changed the world. The studio’s clients taught us how important photography is on a personal level. Photography doesn’t only change the world, it changes the way people see themselves. When they see who they are, they start believing they are worth it. It’s pretty amazing to see the transformational experiences that our clients go through.  Christina Wehbe photography studio specializes in headshot portraits, personality portraits and family portraits in Laguna Beach. Laguna Beach is a beautiful place to have your portrait photography done. Christina has a BFA in Photography. During her professional training, I learned drawing and the art of highlighting and contouring. I highlight and contour my portraits during the session itself using the light shapers and directional light modifiers so the photograph you get out of the camera is almost identical to the one edited, and when I add my painting techniques to the photographs, it is a true masterpiece when printed.

I was one of those people who thought I was invincible, and that won’t happen to me well…
It was really hard and I’m so grateful for every day now